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        1. Our watch has ended: ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale slays HBO viewership record

          21 May 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff
          Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” series finale sets an HBO ratings record with an astounding 19.3 million viewers across the network’s platforms.

          The 13 most shocking ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes that got us all gossiping

          11 Apr 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

          With more than 130 Emmy nominations and 47 Emmy wins over its seven season stretch, “Game of Thrones” has become one of the most iconic and talked-about series of its time. Fans have fallen in love with the world of Westeros and have become passionately invested in the show’s charismatic characters.

          The series has become a pop culture phenomenon that continues to shock viewers with each and every episode, dominating the dialogue at dinner tables and water-coolers worldwide.

          ‘Game of Thrones’ brings winter to MLB and milk’s favorite cookie

          28 Feb 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

          Winter has already arrived in Westeros. Now it’s coming for America’s favorite pastime… and milk’s favorite cookie.

          In honor of the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” premiering this April, HBO has teamed up with MLB and Oreo for some special souvenirs and snacks.

          Thanks to the entertainment collectible makers at FOCO, Major League Baseball is bringing  a new “Game of Thrones” bobblehead series to your home team’s stadium.