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        1. WB Reflections: Meet Nazanin Maleki

          17 Sep 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

          In this episode of “WB Reflections,” we meet about Nazanin Maleki and learn about her journey out of a war-torn country to Academy of Arts San Francisco and finally, to Warner Bros. Nazanin’s hard work and determination is an incredible example of following your dreams and making them a reality.



          The “WB Reflections” series highlights the diverse voices, images, and thoughts that represent the Warner Bros. landscape and evolving entertainment industry at large. Team Reflections delivers industry insights, employee spotlights, and interviews with the talent in front of the camera and creatives behind the scenes.

          Representation plays a pivotal role in the stories we tell on and off screen. We hope you see yourself in the work we do. See more episodes of “WB Reflections” here.